Wrestle for Life WORKshop

Come to a unique weekend seeking God's solutions for women who hurt and those who want to help them.

The Wrestle for Life Workshop is just that: a WORKshop. We do not ask you to unpack your baggage or deal with your stuff. But through music, testimony, stories and activities we examine how that "stuff" has separated us from our Great Physician.

Our hope is to help us all to define God, not by how man has treated us, but by His own Word about Himself and then to allow Him through His Word to define us as well. Our hope as an end result is that you may walk freely... without fear...as who God made you to be.

This will prove to be a VERY intense weekend with each session building upon the last. Please seek the Lord first for His go ahead and if so, then plan on attending the whole workshop from start to finish. Thanks!

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