Week Long Intensive

Breaking through....when all is said and done....it is our shattered trust that keeps us from moving forward:

  • Shattered trust in our value
  • Shattered trust in an unearnable Grace
  • Shattered trust in a God that is good
  • Shattered trust in Love, Hope, Faith, or Future

There is always a good reason why we feel trapped, at the same time there is a way out.... really! If you want to make progress towards healing, we want to help -- this is an intense week of hard work -- are you ready for it?

In daily classroom sessions we will explore what is at the root of our shattered trust.

In daily Theophostic Prayer we will work to hear God's way out for you personally. If you are not familiar with Theophostic Prayer Ministry Please check out this website: http://www.theophostic.com

What can you expect?

  • Classes will be using material from the Wrestle for Life Workshop and will be presented by Singer/Song writer Ruth Ann.
  • Class material includes handouts and references related to each day's sessions.
  • Classes will be attended by all who come to an intensive. Depending on availability of facilitators Classes could be from one to no more than 8 students plus at least one assitant.
  • Each Theophostic session will be private and personal between an experienced facilitator and one attendee but will also be attended by an intercessor/apprentice (one there to cover the session in prayer and to gain better proficiancy with Theophostic prayer).
  • Barefoot Gardens is a place
  • Ruth Ann has been presenting Wrestle for Life Workshops for over 10 years using Original Music, testimony and children's stories to help explain how broken trust effects our relationship with God and keeps us from empracing His truth in our lives. Ruth Ann understands from experiece the struggles unique to women who have been hurt.

What is required of you?

  • Read: Healing Life's Hurts (download the first 3 chapters here)
  • An attitude of involvement
  • Fill out and return an application

For Women Only Each week long intensive will include from one to no more than 5 people. Availability is limited. Each application and life struggle will be personally reviewed and prayerfully considered.

For availability and fairness, reservations require a $50 deposit that will be forfeited if reservations are canceled in the 4 weeks prior to the intensive. If you are interested in a privite week, email us to discuss availability and fees.