The Bride

Scripture portrays Christ as the divine bride groom and the church as his beloved bride – an image providing rich and important spiritual lessons. However, over the years many of these lessons have been lost or made less rich by our lack of awareness of the events that surrounded weddings in the time of Christ. By looking at both historical Hebrew rituals, customs and traditions and those that are still practiced in Jewish communities today, we are amazed by the great number of times that wedding imagery is used in the New Testament. When we see these scriptures with their original wedding context we gain a deeper insight into the relationship Christ desires with us and what it means to be his Beloved. Please come and explore how we are truly the bride of Christ and the promise and meaning it brings to our daily lives.

Please join us as we learn about the rituals, customs and traditions of the weddings in Bible times and see how they apply to relationships between Christ and each of us, His church. Throughout scripture the marriage covenant and the three phases of the Jewish wedding are used to teach us about Jesus’ purposes and the relationship he seeks to share with each of us. We fail to appreciate much of the rich symbolism from the weddings of Christ’s time and because of this we fail to see God’s purpose for our lives individually and as a church, and we also miss out on the promise, hope, gifts and excitement Christ intended for His Bride to experience. Come and see Christian living in a whole new light.