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Real Life (The Demise of the Cinderella Syndrome)

Have you ever felt you have a neon sign on your head that reads:
ATTENTION! Leaches, Mosquitoes, and Blood Suckers of ALL KINDS: Dinner is served!

There are reasons we are attracted to specific people . . . reasons they are attracted to us. Patterned after the Wrestle for Life Workshops*, Real Life* is not for the faint of heart. After all, life is more than a fairytale.

Are you ready for some tough questions? How about some even tougher answers? Come, join me. Real Life isn’t about your stuff; it’s more about how that "stuff" has kept you distant from the “God of all Comfort” (*2Corinthians 1:3).*

My hope is to help you see God as He truly is.

My prayer is that you will no longer define God based on how people have treated you.

My joy comes when you comprehend God’s great delight in you.

My goal is that you may walk freely . . . without fear . . . as the person God made you to be.

– Ruth Ann