Meet Ruth Ann

† It started with music.... and it started with prayer. I always drew comfort from music as a child. God spoke to me before I knew Him or could hear His voice through songs and poems and music. When I grew older I started writing my own songs... music that spoke my heart and helped me to walk through the many struggles of a victim. As I wrote, God came near and as I grew in Him the truths that He spoke to me in my struggles came out in the music I was writing. I did all that writing in private, never sharing with others except on occasion when it felt like someone else had tasted similar hurts and might be comforted by what I had written.

My soul was deeply shattered by the abuses in my past. There came a day when I didn't know how to go on. I felt alone, lost, and hopeless. A friend found me sitting on the back steps of an empty church building weeping. She didn't have any answers... just a faith that Jesus was THE answer. She took me to God in prayer. I will never be the same. Through those times of prayer I met with God and experienced His healing. I learned that obedience is life, that listening intently for His voice and doing what He says brings life. I learned that life with Him didn't even START till I gave Him my trust. I learned that feeling pain is feeling life and running from it is death. I learned that Satan makes life look like death and death like life. I learned if you seek Him with your whole heart... no agenda of our own in mind... He will be found and there is LIFE in His presence. I learned that the wall that kept me apart from God has been of my own making... and I learned how to give Him permission to tear it down (I was not able). I learned that God is always a gentleman... that He will never take anything from us... but He waits for us to give everything up to Him.

Several years later I became very sick. I came close to heaven without a doubt... but out of it came a clear call from God. I didn't go home for a reason... I was here to care for my family... and to share the music that God had given me. So... here it is, may God somehow come through the words and music and touch your soul.

Always and Forever in Him

Ruth Ann