Week Long Intensive Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be working with a licensed counselor?

No, we do not offer psychological counseling. We are a ministry that offers prayer, testimony, and instruction from a Christian world view. Our hope is a spiritual healing by learning to draw near and hear the true heart of God. For we are changed in the presence of a Holy God.

Many who have been hurt are unable to get past the wall of broken trust that separates us from our God of all comfort and from those around us. Our hope is to address the issues that created that wall and find a place of safety with the LORD so that the wall is no longer necessary.

Where will I be staying?

Your fee includes a 5 night stay 3 meals a day@Barefoot Gardens Ministry. If you have any dietary issues please contact Barefoot Gardens directly. www.bare-foot-gardens.com

Who will be teaching?

All classroom sessions are taught by Ruth Ann.

Who will be facilitating the Theophostic sessions?

Several qualified facilitators may be available depending on the weekend. Each Theophostic session will be private and personal between a facilitator and one attendee but will also include one intercessor/apprentice.

How much experience do your facilitators have?

Though this will vary between facilitators. All facilitators will have at least three years of experience both giviing and receiving ministry.

Do you follow the guidlines listed by Ed Smith, the founder of Theophostic Ministries?

In Theophostic sessions, we work hard to follow the guidelines set by Ed Smith in his training.

What is Follow the Ball Ministries?

Follow the Ball Ministries is a ministry dedicated to women who have been hurt. We work together to not only care for the needs of women, but also to be a voice to the Church on issues like Domestic Violence, Spiritual Abuse, and Broken Trust.

What is Barefoot Gardens Ministries?

Check out their website at www.bare-foot-gardens.com.

How much does a Week Long Intensive cost?

5 days each including room and board, 2 hours of workshop classes, two hours of private Theophostic sessions, all classroom materials and 2 follow up phone consultaions after leaving the intensive will be $1450.00.

Is it possible to come just to the classes without having Theophostic prayer sessions?

Yes, the 5 day 2 hours/day workshop classes, all classroom materials plenty of private time to contemplate, pray and rest plus room and board at Barefoot Gardens without Theophostic sessions costs $850.00.

Do you do private Week Long Intensives?

Yes! It is possible to schedule a private week. Contact us at ruthann@followtheball.org to discuss possibilities. Fees may vary depending on weeks available and location.

What if I can't afford an Intensive?

Follow the Ball Ministries has been offering workshops for women who have been hurt for over 10 years. During those years roughly 50 percent of the women who came have received at least some financial assistance. If you feel like a Week Long Intensive is what you need, but you are unable to afford it contact us to discuss possibilities.