About The Ministry

If we could sum up the purpose for Follow the Ball it would be in this passage: Isaiah 58:6-12a

There are many who have struggled hard with pain, grief and abuse issues. Some are hurt as children by their friends or families of origin, some from domestic violence, some from random acts of violence or sudden death. Some from accident or illness. Some even from Churches and religious leaders. When we are hurt... trust is broken. When trust is broken a wall goes up between us and our God. We at Follow the Ball long to be "repairers of the breach", we long to bring people to the very feet of Jesus because He is our only hope! Healing comes when we personally encounter our kind and compassionate God.

When there is a wall between us and our God... we are unable to touch one another as well. Satan's name means one who uses accusation as a wedge to separate people. That sort of sums it up doesn't it? What power for evil lies in the labels the accuser has placed upon us. Labels of all kinds disempower us and enslave us and keep us from freely offering and receiving true "fellowship". We strive to remove all of Satan's lies and accusations. Exchanging them for the truth of who we are in Christ.

That being so, we at Follow the Ball are striving to bridge the gap between people and people, people and Churches, Churches and Churches, and most importantly, people and God.

"So why the name?" Have you ever sung at a sing-a-long where there was a bouncing ball on top of the words to let you know where you are? We at Follow the Ball hope to do just that... Follow the Ball.... Not get behind God not move ahead of Him... just follow as He leads.